Why Should One Learn Android Development?

Why Should One Learn Android Development?

It’s that time in technological world where Google’s Android OS has become a household name. Once a market that was occupied on the most part by Apple is now ruled over by Google. Android is the primary operating system for 300 Smartphones, 90 Tablets & 6 e-Readers with over 1.5 million devices activated all over the world. That alone is reason enough for newbie mobile app developers to start out with Android app development early in their careers instead of iOS; however, here are our 4 more reasons with facts.

Reason No. 1: Open Source Code

Unlike iOS codes which are synonymous with Apple devices only Android operating system offers open source code which means various smartphone makers like Samsung, HTC & Asus who have access to the code can change it a bit to fit their hardware.

Reason No. 2: Google Play Store

Apple Store works only with iPhones and affording one even today is out of question for a lot of people. There was a time when only iTunes was available in the market and the access to smartphones and apps seemed like a distant dream for an average consumer. Ever since Google launched its Play Store the dynamics have changed. There are over 1,460,800 apps in Play Store and around 60% of them are free.

Reason No. 3: Flexible Revenue Model

Google offers flexible revenue models for developers in their Play Store. It allows app developers to price their products for as high as $200 (Abu Moto collection app) and as low as $1 which makes it quite rewarding and caters to everyone.

Reason No. 4: Different Models of Payment

Play Store allows you to generate revenue in one of the two ways, either you launch the app in the store at a fix price and after your app has generated a considerable amount of downloads Google pays you after deducting their price, or you put ads in your app for which Google pays you.

These are just few of the many other good reasons why one should learn Android app development and why it is important for newbie mobile app developers to focus on this early in their careers.

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