Singapore Night Festival: Glorification of art, music and culture

The festival is a week-long affair and is a testimony of how Singapore glorifies art and music, food and dance, lights and lyrics.

There are several reasons why tourists flock to Singapore. It is a nation which is brimming with beauty, with nature and an abundance of skyscrapers. From the ravishing night life to the chaotic street vendors to the towering Singapore Flyer to the iconic Singapore Zoo, this country is as amazing as amazing can be. And just when you thought that the citizens here are quiet and simple folks, then you should take a peep into the Singapore Night Festival. It is one of the most celebrated events of the country and is a jubilant annual extravaganza.

August is the month that will host the festival this year. The dates (the festival was scheduled between 23rd and 31st August) have come knocking at the doors. So, you must make it quick and book Singapore tour package, lest you run out of time or lest we run out of packages!

The festival is a week-long affair and is a testimony of how Singapore glorifies art and music, food and dance, lights and lyrics. Irrespective of your tastes, your preferences and your choices, you will simply enjoy every moment you spend in the country during this time.

National Museum is one of the prime attractions of Singapore. Situated in Bras Basah and Bugis, it is here that the festival shall find its centre stage. The museum is historic and grand. So, the festival finds a deserving venue at this place.

Singapore Night Festival is now into its 5th year, having kicked off in the year 2008. So, this year you can expect a lot of verve and excitement and that gives you yet another reason to go Singapore straight away.

More than anything, the festival shall drown you in a pool of thrill. It is the ambience which will work upon you in a magical way, lifting you out from your prosaic life into the realms of utter ecstasy. Musical contests and orchestra performances by renowned artists are on the cards. If you love experimental cuisines, then you have something good to look forward to.

The city artists fuse with international performers to conjure a truly inspiring week. Special lights are also installed in and around the museum and at all the popular spots so that the nation seems to shine in its incandescent candor.

With or without the festival, Singapore is a big draw to the honeymooners. And since the festival is on, you have no reason to excuse yourself out of this tour this time around! No, we won’t let you! Believe us.

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