A Club-n-Casino Holiday in Singapore

Do you know thereâ??s a ban on chewing gum in public in Singapore? Or so we heard. No wonder Singapore is one of the cleanest cities around.

Do you know there’s a ban on chewing gum in public in Singapore? Or so we heard. No wonder Singapore is one of the cleanest cities around. Suave, glam, prim n propah. But that in no way means you can’t have a big boy’s holiday in the blingy city. Here are some cool places to visit if you are looking to have some fun on the run.

Casino Hopping

If you wanna try your hand at some gambling in style, head for the Marina Bay Sands Casino. Run by Las Vegas Sands Inc., the casino is glitzy and high-end, and offers a variety of table games, and culinary treats. But, if (like us), you are a bit stingy or don’t have freeflowing cash to show off, there are humbler options.

Check out the Sentosa Casino Resort at Sentosa Island, the major crowd puller island with its own theme park and touristy attractions. And the casino here is more family friendly – the cherry on the cake being the fact that foreigners get a free entry (you just have to show your passport), while residents have to pay $100 a day. . Not surprising to say that in less than mere four years of opening, the casino complex has become one of the most successful casino operators in the world.

Best Nightclubs

And if you win a jackpot here’s a list of dance clubs you should head to for celebrating. Zouk, Singapore’s only club known internationally, it is the club you should have visited if you wanna brag about having tasted Singapore’s nightlife on your vacation. The most stylish and happening people and parties happen here. Its lil cousin Velvet Underground is also very much worth a visit, especially if you dig psychedelic.

If you have gotten too late, hitting the jackpot and guzzling cocktails and the bar’s getting empty, head to Insomnia. Aptly named, the party here is hot till the morning. After all, it was among the first ones to obtain a 24-hour license.

And if you have hit a really big jackpot, or already have loads of jackpots in your father’s bank account, Avalon is your place. Actually, it is everybody’s place. It is located on the South Crystal Pavilion of Marina Bay Sands, and has the city’s skyline as its background. Add to it world-class interiors, a mind blowing laser lights system, the best music and the sexiest crowd. Not for nothing is it Hollywood’s fav spot.

Pick up that black dress, those high heels, book a 4 nights Singapore package and go have fun! Money is just, as they say, “dirt of the hands”! It comes and goes; what stays is the experience.

Photos A Club-n-Casino Holiday in Singapore

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