How To Create and Promote Mobile Apps With Usability In Mind?

With millions of mobile apps already available in app stores and hundreds of them being added daily, the competition in app market is sky high.

With millions of mobile apps already available in app stores and hundreds of them being added daily, the competition in app market is sky high. How can you create an app that can grab user attention? For that, you will have to create and promote mobile apps with a user-centric approach. This is where user-oriented mobile app development and mobile app marketing can help you. Here is how can you not only create but also promote the mobile app in the right way.

1.  Think Like A User

Before getting started, ask yourself a question. Who will use your mobile app? Put yourself in their shoes and think from their user perspective. What features you want in the mobile app and which features will you use more frequently? This will give you a clear idea about what to develop. You could even ask users about their mobile app preferences before developing a mobile app. The closer your mobile app will be to their expectations, the better response it will get from the user.

2.              Add Human Touch To Your Apps

At the end of the day, the people who are using your mobile app are humans and you should treat them like that. The more your app feels natural to the user the more time he or she will spend with your mobile app and that is what you want, right. Add human touches to your mobile app  Try to keep things as simple as you can and don’t overcomplicate things with the user. Focus on building an emotional connection with the users so that he will connect and interact with your mobile app in a much better way.

3.              Speed and Performance

Speed and performance of your mobile app can prove to be a make or break situation. If your app runs fluidly and delivers an exceptional user experience despite the hardware it is being run on than, your mobile app has more chances to get more installs. More importantly, if your users have a great first experience with your mobile app, they will surely return for more. Use techniques and technology to make your mobile app experience as smooth as possible and you will reap rich rewards for it. After all, no one likes to wait for an app screen or transition to load. We all want an instant response and when we don’t get it, we tend to switch apps.

4.              Highlight The Benefits

Congratulations, you have developed your mobile app. Now, it is time to put it on the app store. Let’s imagine that your mobile app is up for download on the app store but what’s next. Mobile app marketing, right. How can you promote your app in an effective way? The best way to promote your mobile application is to highlight the benefits. Your marketing campaign should revolve around the ways in which your mobile app can solve user problems. Don’t tell the users about the features, they don’t care about them. Tell them how your app can solve their biggest problem and they will take a keen interest in your app.

5.              Constantly Improve

Uploading your mobile app on app store does not mean that your job is done. You might get thousands of installs in the early days due to the hype but the numbers will soon start to dip sharply as all the hype created around your mobile app start to wane off. This is where you need to think how you can retain your app users and attract newer ones. Keep improving the mobile experience and add useful features that you users demands and see your mobile app break popularity records.

If you know about any other way to create and promote a mobile app that could win the hearts of the users, feel free to share it with us in comments section below.

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